Account Security Question an Unyielding Reminder of Dead Dog

9/14/2021 by Shane O'Connor

WEST CHESTER, PA – “Dammit, not again,” Jeremy Wood exclaimed as his bank’s website prompted him with a security question to verify his identity. Security questions have become commonplace on most websites as hackers grow more brazen. “This is the third time this week that a site has asked me a security question. Where’s the trust? I only have the one computer,” Wood said. “Every time, the same goddamn question, ‘What was the name of your childhood pet?’ Pains me every time I type in ‘Booger.’”

Family sources confirmed that Booger was a cherished Jack Russell mix that passed away 11 years ago at the age of 16. Wood was the family member closest to the pup. “If only I could consistently remember my childhood best friend’s name or my third-grade teacher’s name, I wouldn’t have to tear up every time I go to check my account balance, which is never a sight to behold anyways.” Wood plans to try and use his phone more as apps only need a thumbprint for password verification and will not remind him of his beloved Booger.