Boss Of The Year? This Manager Threw A Farewell Pizza Party For All The Employees He Laid Off

7/15/2022 by Fred Nelson

BOISE, IA- Regional Sales Manager, Tom Leonard, went above and beyond his job description to make his company's work environment extra special for his employees. After receiving heartbreaking news from corporate that he would have to let a few employees go in order to receive the same bonus he got last year, this manager took a stand. When delivering the grim news to his team, Tom made sure to deliver a hand-written note to each salesperson including an invitation to a special going away pizza party that he had paid for on his company credit card. Wow! Good on you, Tom. At the party, this super-boss even handed each employee a personalized mix-tape and told them he would welcome them back as unpaid interns, given that they go through the proper application channels. A true man of the people!