HYPOCRITE: So-called, 'Infectious Disease Doctor,' Gets Infectious Disease

6/16/2022 by Editorial Staff

Washington D.C. – Well, well, well... After years of begging everyone to “wear masks”, “social distance”, and “not spit into your children's mouths”, Fauci has illustrated his own hypocrisy by getting the very disease he claimed we need to “not get”. WHAT A HYPOCRITE. 

I’ve heard of politicians flip-flopping, but a doctor’s “science” should be set in stone, unless he’s getting funded by big COVID. How else can you justify such a flagrant display of duplicity?! “Trust the science”, he said. “Just follow the protocols”. Well, guess what? I didn’t do any of that, and I haven’t gotten COVID once! But you don’t see me serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

It just goes to show the bias against “normal” people who “haven’t worked their entire life to join the NIAID”. Aren’t we all technically doctors? I’ve “put on BandAids.” I’ve “tried V8.” I’ve “attempted to stop smoking while wearing a nicotine patch.” Where’s my platform? Where’s my limelight?

If Fauci wants to prove that he’s not a craven liar, he should apologize and publically endorse COVID-19 as “not a big deal” since he seems to be so comfortable with it. 

So, Fauci, the ball is in your court. Do the right thing. I think as a society, you have to pick a team. You can’t be a doctor who speaks out against something that you are currently undergoing. That’s why I am also standing against doctors in wheelchairs. Everyone’s on board with that, right?