Man With Imposter Syndrome Parks In Handicap Parking Spot

8/9/2022 by Fred Nelson

GREENVILLE, NC - College Admissions Officer, Daniel Hasancaamp tried something for the first time when popping into a local Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. Upon seeing a nearly full parking lot by the coffee shop, Hasancaamp decided to leave his vehicle in an empty handicapped spot near the entrance, rather than settling for one further from the franchise.

When our correspondents asked him the reasoning behind this choice, he cited his Imposter Syndrome as a disability "Do you have any idea it is to second-guess every decision that you make?", Hasancaamp said to us defensively. "I almost thought that Imposter Syndrome wasn't a real medical condition and didn't qualify me for parking in a handicapped spot, but then I realized that was just my Imposter Syndrome acting up, so I calmly reminded myself that I DID, in fact, deserve to park there."

Hasancaamp then promptly ended the interview, explaining to the correspondent that he also suffered from a chronic fear of missing out and needed to immediately go to Six Flags.