"The Media is Really Messing Kids Up," Says Man Who Makes His Children Watch Saving Private Ryan Yearly

4/28/2022 by Caleb Townsend

Pocahontas, WV (ManFacts) – Emphasizing that media outlets like Netflix and Disney are corrupting children with disturbing messages of homosexuality and gender identity, Chester James is taking a stand against content he finds obscene and harmful to children. 

“You turn on the TV and it’s nothing but brainwashing,” says James. “You think it’s healthy for kids to see Doc McStuffins have a character with a short haircut?” 

James takes his stand on the eve of a family tradition of making his entire family watch Saving Private Ryan, a film he states is, “different, because it’s important. People were really there. It’s essential that my children understand what’s going on in the real world, even if it’s scary or complex.” 

Billy, 7, is not looking forward to the viewing. “I wanna watch the Masha and the Bear,” he stated, as his dad banged on the VCR in hopes that it’ll work again. 

“Our son was completely traumatized when Chester showed him the movie last year,” says Jame’s wife. “But now that he’s seven, he’ll be able to appreciate the sacrifices our Tom Hanks made for our country.” 

“These days, shows on Netflix are nothing but social conditioning, forced ideals, and a celebration of no moral compass,” James said. “Oh, pipe down Billy, this is the scene where Private Mellish fights an SS soldier and forces a knife into him.”