6 Hacks for Giving Your Bedroom a Homey Touch Without Spending Big on a Bed Frame

6/4/2021 by Janice Peabody

Ditch the Books

Books? Who needs ‘em!!! Replace all other reading material on your shelf with your unread copy of Infinite Jest, Men’s Health magazines from 2009, and your collection of supplements. For optimal display, put the big-ass tubs of protein in the back and the smaller nootropic bottles in the front. 

Display Your Used Liquor Bottles

You spent a lot of money on that bottle of Maker’s Mark that you and the boys took to Jeff’s cabin last fall. So show it off! You won’t want to forget the crazy memories attached to it. Like shitting your pants after eating undercooked trout, or comparing schlong sizes around the campfire.

Present Your Laundry

Mark your territory with a fragrant pile of laundry in the northernmost corner of the room. When the afternoon sun hits it just right, you’ll be able to smell hints of last Tuesday’s gamer groin!

Show off Your Pulp Fiction Poster

Your Pulp Fiction poster will be the main event in the wall decor department. Definitely do not frame it.

Untuck that Fitted Sheet

To show that you’re effortlessly cool, keep one corner of your fitted sheet untucked and free. Let that naked mattress breathe a little bit.

Old Food Looks Good

Trust me, you want everyone to know you’re into fine cuisine. Let that bowl of Easy Mac chill out for a few days on the nightstand. Just make sure it’s not blocking the view of your lotion bottle and tissues.