Bada-Bing! Tony Soprano Is Back and He’s Still the Good Guy!

7/9/2021 by Nathan Kamal

Good news, guys! Tony Soprano is back and he’s still the good guy! That’s right, the main man himself, the capo di tutti capo, Anthony “Tony” Soprano is coming back to your TV sets and just like always, it’s fun to watch him do all his cool gangster stuff, and not really think about it too deeply. It’s just entertainment, you know? 

Only nerds think too much. Cool guys just hit things, like Tony. 

By the looks of the trailer for The Many Saints of Newark, Tony is back up to his shenanigans! Sure, he’s a kid now, but it definitely looks like he’s the hero of the story. No question about that. One of the things I liked best about The Sopranos was that there was always a new adventure every week. Whether it was watching Tony, Big Pussy, Paulie Walnuts and that incorrigible scamp, Christopher Moltisanti, get the best of some PC-wackos who want to shut down Columbus Day, or the time Tony went on a cool family trip to Italy and met a smokin’ hot Italian lady, one thing is clear: Tony can’t do wrong!

And man, I love it when Tony is doing cool stuff and somebody has to get whacked! I mean, it’s always justified because they’re bad guys, or threatened the rest of his family, or just plain need a lesson. I’m not saying the ends justify the means every time, but c’mon! He’s looking out for his buddies and putting food on the table! If The Many Saints of Newark is going to show us how young T learned to be the badass that he is, I’m there for it. 

To be clear, in real life, organized crime is no joke. Tony is just awesome on TV. 

As much as I loved the show, when that screen cut to black, I was as disappointed and angry as the next guy. What gives? We want to see the spirit of New Jersey out there, kickin’ ass! And then this David Chase guy doesn’t even tell us what happened?! I’m telling you, if Tony weren’t a TV character, he’d kick that showrunner’s ass harder than that time he beat Assemblyman Ronald Zellman with a belt for being a whiny little loser!

Anyway, I’m thrilled to see our favorite hero back on screens! The only thing that could be better is if they come out with a “Mad Men” movie to remind us how men in the 1960s were always right about everything!