Bigfoot Or Sasquatch? My Wife Doesn’t Care, She Just Wants Me To Pick Up Our Son From Soccer

10/6/2022 by Caleb Townsend

Bigfoot or Sasquatch? It's an age-old question, one my wife didn't seem to care about. "Look, just pick up Brett from soccer practice today," she said. "He was so upset last time."

The kid was only there for an hour. I'm sorry, but, come on. Have you ever thought that maybe my day was rough too? That I sat in the woods for hours waiting for an appearance from a creature that never came? At least I eventually showed up.

"Please, just try to remember," she said. "And this time, no drinking."

Yeah, so I hit the bottle a few times. Ever been out in the woods? Not much else to do, and if I'm drunk enough, I could probably take on Bigfoot myself. Or Sasquatch. Whatever you want to call him. My wife doesn't seem to care.