Gender’s a Construct??? So Is Your Mom. Also, What’s a Construct?

11/11/2021 by Matt Hyams

Don’t go around telling me gender’s a construct, cause I’ll tell you who’s a construct: your mom, that’s who. Your mom’s a big fat construct, whadda ya think about that? While we’re on the topic, why don’t you tell me what a “construct” is in the first place? Let’s see how you do explaining that bullshit. I wasn’t born yesterday.

I didn’t go to a fancy prep school where they make up shit. I went to a real school, where you kick down stall doors when boys are takin’ shits, and you make the gay ones suck your dick. Is that a construct?

Your whore mom’s a construct I’ll tell ya that much. Pretty sure I saw her constructing two dudes in a Sheetz parking lot last night. What gender does that make her, smart ass? I’d like to gender a construct all over your face, like I did to your mom in the Perkins parking lot. Your mom sure does love parking lots. Must be because she’s such a construct, whatever the fuck that is.

Last I checked, a gender means boy or girl. One’s born with a dick and balls, and the other’s got a hairy vagina. No one never said nothing to me about gender being a construct though. For crying out loud, what in the Jesus H. Christ is a construct?! Let me take a wild turkey guess in the dark – is it maybe your mom? 

Why doesn’t somebody just say what it is already, without me having to take off work and do all this internet research? I’m losing my hard-earned money over this applesauce!

Once something gets stuck in my brain, I can’t let it go. And this construct shit is in there now. There’s lots of other stuff in there too. One thing that’s taking up a lot of space is how your mom is a construct, did I mention that? One of the biggest constructs I ever, seen and I’ve seen a lot of constructs…I think. I don’t know 100% for sure, because I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what in the hell a yankee-sleepy-Joe-Biden-votin-lettin-rapin-mexicans-take-our-jobs construct is! Is it an excavator?