Generation Who Dropped Two Atomic Bombs on a Foreign Country Has a Lot of Interesting Opinions on Police De-Escalation

11/15/2021 by Erwin Feinberg

There’s been a lot of chatter in recent years about our greatest generation of heroes, The Greatest Generation, who helped end the Holocaust, end the Great Depression, and do nothing about racial injustice. People, young people, who don’t know how the world works, are being very critical of the Greatest Generation, pointing to the fact that when it comes to the issue of police in modern America, the old-timers seem to be “out of touch” in their opinion. But, we actually talked to some members of that generation (unlike these idiot young people) and we were surprised how much these veterans had to say about police reform, and how much of it was frankly, very disturbing.

One WWII veteran named Mel that we spoke to said, “what ya need ta do is get all dese wise-guy millenials, who tink dey know how dah world works and tink dey’re smartah than every tough-guy I know, and have dah cops beat them senseless. That’ll teach dose punks to respect authahrity! Dese little nazi kids! I didn’t lose my best friend on dah beaches of Normandy fightin’ dose kraut bastahds just so dese little a-holes can smoke reefah in dah pahk and marry deir same gendah. If Hitlah was alive tahday, he’d wipe dis country off dah face of dah earth, and ya know what? I can’t blame ‘im.”

Another veteran, Charlie, who insisted on sharing a cigar while we spoke with him, told us, “back in my day, we nuked dah bastahds who told us ta ‘calm down.’ We are Americans, gahd dammit! If dese pussies, wit deir iPhone and heated car seats, want dah cops not to kill dem on sight, get outta da neighbahood! You ain’t got no business walkin’ da streets in my neighbahood, and if my local cop shoots ya, TOO BAD! As a mattah of fact, I tink da cops aren’t aggressive ENOUGH! Dey should be poppin bullet’s in any fast-talkin’ dope-head who tries to cross da street when da light is red, dat’s what I believe, and I loaded da nukes in da plane dat bombed Nagasaki, so I tink my opinion is a little more valid dan some wise-crackin’ yoho, who ain’t never seen deir buddy kill an oriental wid his bare hands.”