Guy Who Disagrees With You Obviously Hasn't Seen That One South Park Episode

6/30/2022 by Fred Nelson

It's happening again. You're in line at the Starbucks and somehow basic small talk with a stranger has, yet again, drifted towards who should be allowed to compete in high school women's swimming. Now I know it's easy to get mad at this person for their ignorant opinion, but it's important to remember that they're not ill-intentioned, they probably just haven't seen that one episode of South Park yet. Had he seen the part where Randy Marsh smokes that super weed and accidentally impregnates a manatee and has to secretly take care of the pregnant manatee without Sharon finding out, he would have a much more developed, well-rounded, outlook on the world.

Make sure to refrain from getting mad when they make ignorant points like, "can we please stop talking about this?" and "we're in a Starbucks, oh my god." Remember that you too were once unenlightened and hadn't consumed the works of famed intellectuals Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Just calmly make sure to describe the episode to them scene by scene to trump any of their doubts with your logic and reason. Don't spare a single graphic detail, especially that part where that wizard casts a spell on Cartman that makes him grow vaginas all over his body. That part is crucial in bringing your argument home.