How To Motivate Your Parents To Work Harder So They Can Invest In Your Company

11/12/2021 by Dave Ruff

The grindset is alive and real here in my crib, and if I’m gonna pop off I’m gonna need a motha-fucking jumping board! 

My main man, Jeff Bezos got his start as the world’s richest man after his parent’s invested 300k – which he accepted. Like him, I am ready to accept such a donation. 

But, I live in the real world! I understand my father, unlike Bezos, is not a computer engineer/entrepreneur. Ever since mom left he’s just a DHL driver. But the first rule in business is to turn every weakness into a strength. (The second rule is you do not talk about our business!) 

Your parents, like mine, won’t want to sell your homemade meth on their route. But it’s important to incentivize. To show them how the hustle doesn’t stop. What I personally like to do is put some baggies in his jacket when he’s showering and set up reoccurring drops that my homies will meet him at. Yours, like mine, may protest at first, but the deal is done nonetheless. Tim & Tuco are very persuasive. That’s just one person by the way. His middle name is &. 

Motivation is key to keeping your product moving. If there are any bumps in the road, remind your future investor that his wife, your mother, (this is where she comes in!) is alive but only as long as he keeps making the drops. Remember, for your parents, it doesn’t have to be your homemade meth, but this is the direction we decided on and no one is backing the fuck out on me now! 

You could hide some under his truck, you can give some to his friends, he may threaten to call the cops, but you can blackmail him until his end. 

Elon Musk once said, “drug traffickers are better at business than 95% of university professors.” My dad’s favorite show is already Breaking Bad. Live your dream so you can finally start mine, dad.