“Igh Trus Migh Immune Syseem,” Says Man Currently Having Stroke

1/6/2022 by Caleb Townsend

Timberville, VA (ManFacts) — Despite suffering a debilitation seizure, local man, Greg O’Connor is standing firm in his refusal to get a vaccine. ManFacts went on the scene to get the full story.

One brave patriot is sticking to his guns as he shows clear signs of a seizure. “Igh Trus Migh Immune Syseem,” he says as he falls to the floor.

We interviewed the man’s daughter for more insight. “Please, please, what are you doing? Who are you? He needs help! Why are you interviewing him? How did you find us?” she responded.

Greg, like many God-fearing Americans, suffers from family members that don’t understand him. “eeeeeeeeh pfiizurr, don trus uhm. faawchi? Faachgetabout it,” Greg said as he jerked his arm into a nearby birdcage, sending beloved parrot Feather Locklear to the floor.

“Squawk, don’t trust Fauci, don’t trust Fauci,” the parrot said in support of Greg’s brave decision.

“Alright, the paramedics are here, you guys need to fucking leave,” Greg’s daughter said as two men burst into the house. ManFacts then sat down with the “health professionals” to get their feedback on Greg’s decision not to get the vaccine.

“He’s having a seizure, what the fuck does the vaccine have to do with anything? Please sir, can you give us some space, we’re trying to work,” the healthcare drone said.

As the medics lifted our brave patriot into the ambulance, ManFacts attempted to get an exclusive one-on-one with Greg. “Please sir, if you don’t leave, we’re going to have to call the police for Emergency Worker Obstruction.

“Oh, so you’re going to call the cops because I don’t have on a MASK,” our brave reporter said to the medic as he attempted to climb into an ambulance.

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