OPINION: We’ll See Who’s Laughing Next Time There’s a Horse Worm Outbreak

9/10/2021 by Fred Nelson , Erwin Feinberg

Well, well, well. You all thought that taking an “FDA Approved” vaccine was going to save humanity from the Wuhan flu. Well, guess what, fuckers, the next surge is right on the horizon, and it is going to devastate all the punks who thought that WE were all crazy. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me sound it out for you small-brained lemmings. COVID is going to be surpassed by an unmitigable horse worm outbreak that will cripple the nation and weaken our stature on the global stage. That is unless you stop being anti-science and buy into the truth: Ivermectin is the only thing that will save us from the current COVID crisis, and the oncoming horse worm pandemic. 

I know there will be skeptics out there; there always are whenever you speak truth to power (rest in peace Kobe Bryant). But think about it for a second, why would everyone be talking about a horse dewormer RIGHT NOW if it wasn’t the cure for COVID and horse worms? Do we want to ignore all the signs AGAIN?! We should’ve seen what was going on in February of 2020. Let’s not make the same mistake here. First, we arrest Dr. Fauci and any other hot, short doctors that make us feel dumb. THEN, we get Ivermectin in every home and horse stable in America and get ready. It’s coming, and it probably has something to do with all the Afghan refugees, but I’m just speculating. 

For those who are unclear about what a horse worm is and how devastating it can be, let me be the first one to give you the down-low on this terrifying new disease that’s coming to your suburb in the form of critical race theory (or something I don’t know). Horse worms were developed in communist Cuba by a lab which is funded by NIH and FDA. Essentially, it makes you piss cum and shit pee. I’m not exaggerating, I know one guy who is patient zero for horseworm in the United States, and if I hadn’t force-fed him Ivermectin, he wouldn’t have lived to file that restraining order against me. That’s right, I saved a life. Call me a martyr if you want but I’m doing this because I care about America, at a time when no one else seems to. God bless our troops and NO to vaccine mandates, YES to horse paste injection!