Several Months Later Americans Wonder If It Was Really Necessary For Will Smith To Hit His Children So Hard At The Oscars After Party?

9/11/2022 by Brandon Puff

We’ve all had time to heal from the events that we witnessed at the most recent Oscars award show, and now that we have it’s time to ask if Will Smith really needed to hit his children so hard during the afterparty. It’s the question that everyone needs answers to, celebrities are allowed to hit their children - but during an afterparty? There’s something deeply disturbing about such a scene, and the American public needs answers.

Following the Oscars, Will Smith was seen celebrating on the red carpet. These celebrations took the form of dancing, drinking, and beating his two children. The beating was viscous, and unprovoked from all accounts. While some argue that it is a parent’s right to beat their children after winning an artistic award, there are many more who think such a form of celebration is to be looked down upon. One mother, who will remain anonymous, spoke about her concerns over the red carpet beating. 

“Listen, we all found it entertaining. Yes, our eyes were glued to the screen as Will Smith hit Jaden over the head with his Oscar, it was entertaining. But what does this say about us as a culture? Have we become barbarians? Parents have always been beating their children, but never in a public forum. Beatings are meant to be private, intimate, an act of bonding between you and your child. Now, after the events at the Oscars, I’m worried that I’ll be expected to hit my children in public, to make it performative. It’s sick.”

Many have weighed in on the beating, going after every possible angle of interpretation. Some have even discussed the feminist implications of Willow Smith being choke slammed by her father into a thorny bush. It’s impossible to know what the true repercussions of this moment will be but it is inevitable that it will reverberate through American culture for decades to come.