Sorry Trans-Rights Cucks, But Sex Is Real and If Anyone Would Please Sleep With Me I Can Prove It!

3/16/2021 by KC Shevek

Nowadays, completely out of the blue and new to MANkind, a bunch of snowflakes “feel” like they’re the incorrect sex. But we know they’re wrong. Facts don’t care about their – I mean HIS or HER – feelings, as the great mind of Ben Shapiro so forcefully puts it.

I could prove all this, too. Not that I have to, though. Any sane person can just, like, sense it in their bones that your sex is just biological and can’t be changed no matter how you “feel”. That’s how we know sex is a fact: we can sense it innately.

We don’t need any fancy gender studies crap or scientific articles by the liberal communist public-research machine. Yes, even if no one will even have sex with me due to my intimidating intellect, I know that sex is real because I can sense it – no matter how you fools feel.