Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Exactly Like The Guy From That Movie

1/31/2022 by Fred Nelson

The minute you saw him through the flatscreen in your Freshman dorm, it was immediately clear the two of you were cut from the same cloth. You got the haircut, you bought the clothes, you even made your girlfriend call you by his name during sex the one time and then promise not to tell anyone about it. Here at ManFacts, we would like to reiterate that you are, in fact, 100 percent right that you are exactly like the guy from that movie. To help you out, we put together this list of talking points for your next drunken monologue.

You’re Misunderstood

Nobody gets it. They all think you’re crazy. I mean, you are, but, like, not in a lame way. In a cool, badass kind of way. You’re deeply cynical because you know just how cold the world truly is.

You’re Smarter Than Everyone Around You

They’re sitting there with their eyes glued to the TV, void of mental activity. You’re different. The only time you turn on the TV is to check if there’s any more badass dudes that you’re totally like. They’re just a bunch of sheep who blindly follow the shepherd and do what they’re told. You, on the other hand, get your guidance from the greatest minds of our era, like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.

You’re Fed Up With Society

You can’t take another day surrounded by these mouth-breathing idiot morons. None of them have said anything about your new mohawk and army jacket. You even tried wearing clown makeup, yet somehow nobody has made the connection that you’re exactly like the guy from that movie.

One Day They’ll All Pay

You’re goddamn right. Something needs to happen.

Your Name is Clifford And You’re A Big Red Dog

Woof woof, baby!