Webb Telescope Predicted To Capture Incredible High Definition Photos Of Saturn’s Cleavage

1/17/2022 by Brandon Puff

With the launch of NASA’s Webb telescope comes news of some exciting data we will be receiving from the advanced technology we have now successfully deployed in space. 

Project manager, Bill Ochs, confirmed in a press conference earlier this morning that the Webb telescope is expected to capture a multitude of high-quality images of Saturn’s cleavage. 

“As you can imagine, this is a very exciting moment for us all. This has been a thirty-year project, something I have spent my life on and something that is deeply valuable to the scientific community as a whole. Since the days of our earliest ancestors, we have looked up and gazed upon the stars, one day hoping to see pictures of their nice juicy breasts. Now, together, we have achieved that dream and it’s only a matter of time before the first images come back to Earth.”

Ochs went on to further explain the exciting possibilities that seeing images of Saturn’s cleavage might hold for the future. 

“Think about how monumental this is, about how happy everyone will be when they get to gaze upon Saturn’s amazing and slightly sweaty cleavage. Once the average person witnesses this, they’re going to understand the vast importance behind space exploration, even more than they do now. With proper funding and enough time, we might be able to one day take trips together to Saturn, to stare at its cleavage up close and take pictures on our cellphones that we can take back to Earth to show our friends at work. Together, we can look at the cleavage of every planet in our solar system and beyond.”

Although the first images of Saturn’s cleavage have yet to be processed back to Earth, it’s already agreed by every major scientist that they will be very nice.