What's Next For Kanye? Friends Close To Him Say An Album Dedicated To Leonard Nimoy For Some Reason

5/31/2022 by Brandon Puff

Despite recent turmoil within the rapper’s life, friends close to him say that he will begin working on a new album dedicated to the late Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy for some reason yet to be understood. 

One studio technician close to the project spoke about the burst of creativity he witnessed within the recording booth and how the album could change the frontier of music for decades to come.

“I mean, to finish an album about your deceased mother and then immediately do your next album about Leonard Nimoy, it just didn’t make sense to me. Then Kanye started spitting verses in the booth and I was blown away. I thought the songs would have been about his acting career, but they were all focused on his daily life. One morning we go in thinking we’re going to be making a song about how Leonard Nimoy actually has pointy ears and it's not makeup, then Kanye switches it up and improvs this ten-minute masterpiece about Nimoy shopping for bread. Genius just doesn’t make sense sometimes.”

While people close to this new musical project give some insight, Kanye himself has revealed even more in a recent interview with Rolling Stones. 

“Now that I’m going through this divorce, I’ve been watching lots of TV to keep my mind distracted. One night I put on Star Trek and I watch this black-haired, pointy-eared demon on the screen and suddenly a spark goes off. This guy, with pointy ears, this guy is gonna be my next album. I call up Juicy Fresh, I call up Stimbo, and I call up my boy Stallion Thunderwave and they come to my place and we just start working on the concept then and there. By the next morning, I’ve got three songs about this guy Leonard Nimoy and how he likes to dip his toes in pickle juice because his grandma told him it cures foot fungus. That’s the kind of passion I’m bringing to this project.”

While the album still is yet to receive a release date, it has received a title, Kanye says fans should be on the lookout for his new album, Leonard Nimoy The Man With The Pointy Ears Who Died.