“You Could NEVER Make This Today,” Says Man Showing You Video of ISIS Beheading

7/13/2022 by Erwin Feinberg

Cancel culture strikes again folks! This time, it has once again come for the most sacred of our institutions: online videos. I know we all thought that what we posted online was free from scrutiny, free from backlash. We assumed that we could post whatever we wanted at our leisure and never face the wrath of the woke. But sadly, that world no longer exists, or apparently ever existed due to terms and agreements which every social media platform has, but I never read. 

It seems that once again that wokeism has taken another slice of our freedom from us by not only banning me from showing ISIS beheading videos to my coworkers, but also going a step further and demanding that no one ever make another beheading video ever again! Unbelievable! 

I mean outside of what it means for the First Amendment, how do these blue-haired thumb-suckers expect us to beat terrorism if they can’t even watch ONE beheading video!? Have they even considered that? I doubt it. But it just goes to show how anti-free speech they really are. They don’t want you watching ISIS beheading videos, and they certainly don’t want ISIS, or anyone else for that matter, making any more of them. Talk about trampling on our constitution!

I’ve heard every conceivable response to my position, I even had one friend ask me, “so are you saying you’d WANT to make a beheading video? Is that really what you’re arguing for?” And to that friend, I say, “no, of course not, but doesn’t the fact that people are saying you CAN’T shoot a beheading video make you want the FREEDOM to‌?” Like, that’s my whole thing. Of course I’d never make one of those videos, I’m not a psycho. Yeah, I watch them, like quite a lot, but it’s only because I’m trying to remember what we’re fighting for over there in…I wanna say Islamadam, no wait that’s not right. Where’s the country where we’re fighting the war against terrorism? I know it’s not Afghanistan cause Joe Brandon fucked up there and now the Taliban is back. It’s the one where one of the Rambo movies was set. Nope, that’s still Afghanistan. Whatever! Wherever ‌we’re fighting terrorism, I wanna be reminded of why terrorism done by people who look different from me is bad! Is that such a bad thing?

Before you say yes to that last question, let me throw one more point at you demon-crats to make you try to understand what I’m saying: would you tell Martin Scorsese he couldn’t make a beheading video? Would you? Really? Martin Scorsese? You’d tell him he wasn’t allowed to make a beheading video just because it’s not something you’d want to watch? Wow! Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave! If most people truly believe that, then I guess the woke mob has won and free speech truly is eroding right before our eyes. I hope that Martin Scorsese, or any filmmaker for that matter, wasn't planning on filming a beheading, because now they can’t, thanks to Twitter.