5 Dwayne Johnson Quotes That Prove He Is An Absolute Warrior King

11/29/2021 by Brandon Puff

  1. “People always talk about blood, sweat, and tears when it comes to hard work but it’s time we stopped being afraid of the urine that goes along with it too.”

  2. “If you can eat someone, including their shoes and clothes, then you have conquered that person fully.”

  3. “Sometimes when I look in the mirror I lick the glass and pretend I’m a lion locked inside of an enclosure. That enclosure of course is myself and the limitations I create.”

  4. “I should be in prison for multiple counts of murder. Every day I go to the gym and murder the weakness within me."

  5. “When people ask me what the secret to success is, I like to pour hot coffee on them. That heat, that pain, that’s what they should be experiencing when they go after their dreams hard enough.”