Did I Get Really High Before Writing This Article: Absolutely Not, This Is A Perfectly Normal Article

9/8/2022 by Brandon Puff

Hello there reader and welcome to the article that I am writing now while being completely sober and not high even a little. It is an interesting experience to write an article while being completely sober and it is something that I highly recommend to all people. I hope you are all having a good day as you read this article and enjoy the contents contained within.

This is the second paragraph of this article which is being written by a man who is completely and utterly sober. It will have some more details regarding the main subject of the article which is based around the fact that I am not high at all as I write this. I hope you are enjoying this article as we are slowly approaching the end of it and I am steadily running out of things to say. Has anyone been feeling that faint vibration coming through from the floor? Let’s discuss this further below.

Hello again, sober writer here to discuss the vibrations we are all feeling on our floor. I assume it must be coming from a nearby train or maybe my downstairs neighbor is playing their music too loudly. Either way, it is certainly something that I am feeling through my feet while I write this article completely sober. We are now about to end the article because I have other sober activities I must attend to but this has been enjoyable. 

This is the final sentence I will be writing but I am going now to eat some peanut butter.