Five Of The Hottest Speakeasy Abortion Clinics Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

8/15/2022 by Brandon Puff

With recent changes in abortion laws, entrepreneurs all across America are working hard to keep access to safe abortions cool and trendy. There's no telling just how much these laws are going to change but this list will help you find all of the hottest speakeasy abortion clinics coming to a neighborhood near you.

Coat-hanger Lounge – Atlanta, Georgia

The Coat-hanger Lounge is everything a young person could want in their speakeasy abortion clinic. The vibes are on point and you'll feel relaxed while sipping sparkling water next to a fireplace while admiring the vintage artwork. You're allowed to bring your friends if you need some emotional support. If your friends aren't the enlightened types, there are plenty of staff members willing to hold your hand through the process. The Coat Hanger Lounge seeks to open in Spring 2023.

The Slippery Staircase – Austin, Texas

What might sound like an unseemly bar in this thriving Texas city is actually one of the quirkiest abortion clinics in the region. The first thing you'll notice is how despite being an abortion clinic, the staff also offers up a wide variety of snacks for you to enjoy before and after your procedure. There's also a secret tunnel leading out to the street that offers a safe and discrete way to get your abortion while feeling like a spy during World War Two. We're here for it. Set to open in September 2022.

Fetal Fandango – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Escape the heat and find your new favorite place to receive an abortion while the government hunts you. This Mexican American styled abortion clinic combines the cleanliness of a doctor's office with the Latin design of a classic Mexican cantina. Take your shoes off and relax because when you're here, you're part of a non-judgmental family. Need more convincing? Anyone who gets an abortion here gets to enjoy a free margarita at the Fetal Fandango bar afterward. Set your alarm for Fun O'clock when you make your way to this discreet little hideaway.

The Umbilical Cords – Dallas, Texas

The owners and operators of this abortion clinic took it upon themselves to transform an abandoned fish market warehouse into one of the hottest places to express your medical freedom in the entire country. On the outside, you wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but stepping inside you'll find yourself transported to a clinic with some of the nicest staff to help walk you through the process. Not only are you able to get an abortion in complete secrecy, but you're also able to enjoy live music while you do so. Abortion and a show? Sign me up, please! - Opening Fall 2022

Abortion To Go

Easily the most inventive clinic on this list, Abortion To Go is the first secret abortion clinic operated inside of a restored RV. While the RV itself might not seem like it can house a full medical facility, it actually comes equipped with everything a medical staff might need while being able to drive between State lines to ensure no crimes are committed. Did we mention there's a disco ball? It's totally 80's but then again so are these new abortion laws so we might as well get with the times! Step back in time as you hide from the Government's watchful eyes and pray that your Conservative family doesn't find out. The people at Abortion To Go got you covered no matter your income level. All you need to bring is your courage and disdain for society at large. - Open Now! 

Well, those are just some of our personal favorite abortion clinics opening in the next year or two, there are plenty of resources available to those seeking to receive one and we highly recommend finding a clinic that works best near you.