Friendly Man Goes Door To Door To Assure Neighbors He Is Not A Sex Offender

4/19/2022 by Brandon Puff

A friendly California man has started going door to door to introduce himself and reassure his neighbors that he is not a registered sex offender. 

Sam Wilson (not a sex offender) has been ruffling a few feathers with his new public service campaign. The idea? Go door to door with a smile and tell your neighbors you're not a sex offender, not even a little. While Wilson has only just started this campaign, he has already seen promising results.

"At first, you're really nervous. You think the family might assume you're a sex offender, which you aren't. Then you do it to the first house and you get some strange looks and a few threats but you walk away knowing that the parents you spoke to will sleep better at night. Now they know their new neighbor is just a regular guy who absolutely doesn't want to touch kids."

Some might be wondering, what inspired Sam? Well, it's best to hear it from the horse's mouth. The horse that isn't a sex offender.

"Well, about a year back I moved into a new house that I was really excited about. I had just finished unpacking when a strange man approached my door and informed me he had gone to jail for didling children twenty years ago. It was awful. How could I be expected to live next door to such a demon? I knew others must have felt the same worry, so I started being proactive."

What started off as a campaign to keep his next-door neighbors informed has now expanded. As of this article being published, Sam has informed ten thousand people he is not a sex offender. Who knows, he might be knocking at your door next.