From Fat To Fit: How I Lost Nearly Two Hundred Pounds By Getting A Massive Brain Tumor Removed

4/25/2022 by Brandon Puff

As a child I was always in the best of shape, I would walk, run and swim with my friends every single day. Then, in my early twenties, a massive tumor began to grow in my brain and I quickly sunk into depression. It wasn’t until many years later that I decided to do something about it. 

You might be wondering, how does somebody gain two hundred pounds in just two years? Most people would chalk it up to bad luck, shifting blame from themselves to outside circumstances. The truth is, my health choices were my own and despite what doctors tell me, I believe that bag of Doritos I ate in highschool certainly contributed to the situation I found myself in. 

Living with a two hundred pound brain tumor was embarrassing and super damaging to my self-esteem. I would go out dancing only for people to deliberately avoid me because of my disgusting weight gain. Children would point at me on the street, co-workers would jokingly offer me bandages for my seeping head wounds, and even at the gym people seemed disgusted to work out next to me and my throbbing brain tissue. 

So, what pushed me to change? Jesus. As my weight increased and my health problems worsened, I found myself facing the likelihood of early death. It was around this time that I would take my fat disgusting body to my local church to connect with anyone I could find. One of the people there was a doctor and he told me I should think about weight loss brain surgery elsewise my tumor could kill me. I was hesitant at first, but when he poked my tumor with his finger and told me God would want me to have the surgery, I knew I couldn’t resist any longer. 

Fast forward three months later after the surgery and my body has never looked better. Gone are the fat and flabby folds of skin draping across my skull. No longer do I have to go to the beach afraid seagulls will chew at my exposed tumor meat. My self-confidence is back and so is my sex appeal. Change begins when we decide it does, when we look at ourselves in the mirror and realize this throbbing mass of flesh is our fault. Once we embrace our mistakes, we can start working on them and become the best tumor-free one percent body fat version of ourselves.