How To Be Confident Enough To Approach Women And Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

7/26/2021 by Brandon Puff

Talking to women is a lot like getting invasive spinal surgery. It’s gonna take some discomfort before all is said and done. You will not be the one experiencing the discomfort, however.  You need to learn how to make women uncomfortable  and I’m here to help you navigate through that. 

Most men lack the confidence to approach a woman and make them extremely uncomfortable. Most men, obviously, except for me and a few other alphas. Women are fickle creatures. One minute they’ll be ignoring you, and the next they’ll tell the bartender that you’re giving them an uneasy vibe. Next thing you know, you’re getting thrown out of the bar headfirst like a cheater in Casino, and you’re wondering if you should have stopped while you were ahead.

Well guess what, fellas: romance is rejection. You need to learn how to endure it before you can snag yourself a fine dame who you only care about on a superficial level. 

Women are everywhere and you can approach them whenever you feel like you deserve their time and energy. Seriously, name a place, and I’ve flirted with the women there. Funerals, crime scenes, natural disaster relief tents, it doesn’t matter. To be a man is to find opportunity wherever it might be, no matter the type of rejection you might face.

You need to develop confidence so strong that no amount of disgust or rejection stops you from going after a woman who clearly doesn’t like you. After all, most Americans didn’t like the idea of freeing the slaves at first. But did that stop George Washington from storming Normandy on D-Day? Absolutely not. He kept on fighting, and eventually the confederacy thought he was actually pretty cute and let him free the slaves.

So take my advice and the advice of our founding fathers: don’t let rejection slow your efforts to make every woman with a pulse feel uncomfortable!