How To Protect Your Family From Their Greatest Threat: Yourself

8/23/2022 by Brandon Puff

There’s nothing more precious to a man than his family. it’s the reason we get up in the morning, it’s the reason we go to work, it’s the reason we don’t drive our sedan through a crowd of people. But with this world we live in, we’re surrounded by constant threats, forces that seek to harm our family. I refuse to let my family become victims of the terrible things out there waiting for me to let my guard down. 

The liberals, cannibal cults, Bolshevik Sanders, Sniffy McSniff Biden, Barack OSAMA Obama, all seek to harm our families, but we can’t let them blind us. While we load our shotguns and set up our claymore mines, we must always look for the not-so-obvious threats. What is the greatest danger to your family? Yourself. 

It’s only natural that men like us who train every day for the worst possible outcome would be so threatening. We chose not to be victims which means we’re all assailants. Let’s say your wife sneaks up from behind you to give you a morning kiss while you make your breakfast of bacon and beans, your predator-like reflexes will cause you to punch her in the face. It’s not your fault, your gut reaction told you the person behind you was Michelle Obama trying to rub her penis up against you. Not on my watch.

We can’t let our savage combat abilities get the best of our love for our family. We have to be on constant watch, keeping our true power contained around those we care about. Sure, my child might annoy me and start to trigger my fight or fight response, but that doesn’t mean I should kick them in the chest and light them on fire. 

Us men are excellent - we have incredible strength and ferocity - we are natural hunters and providers, but we can never look at our family as things to destroy. Are they destroyable? Yes, I could kick my family’s ass. But the mark of a true man is holding those urges in every single day and then letting them out on strangers.

Learning this took me years of practice and my family suffered many bruises and broken bones in that time. But remember, it's never too late to change. If you learn to tame the beast inside then you can save countless dollars on medical expenses. It’s up to you to protect your family from yourself.