How To Trick Women Into Sleeping With You By Treating Them With Respect

1/18/2022 by Caleb Townsend

Respect the pussy and tame the penis! These words aren’t the ravings of a lunatic. No, they’re the mantras that you will need to remember if you want to turn that lady “friend” into a submissive sex goddess that will pleasure you whenever you want.

I have that power, and you can have that power with a little trick I call the “Submit and Claim” mindset. Through this quick tutorial, and a few hundred dollars, you can tap into the fragile feminine mind and conquer it for your sexual pleasure.

The secret? It’s called “respect”. Our scientists have done their research and have found that you can get a woman to sleep with you through our four-pronged system that will have any bitch ready to submit to you.

#1: Be an Empathetic Person

When you use your mind to correlate your thought-process to be in sync with a woman’s, they will drop their panties FAST. How do you sync your mind? Well, just try and think about how they would feel in a situation and mimic it mentally. This little trick will make you irresistible to women. They’ll say “wow, you actually care about what I have to say. It’s so easy to communicate with you.” That’s the genius of it. By posing yourself as a person who is open and understanding, you’re now positioning yourself to be front row to the beaver show.

#2: Help Them In Their Lives

Women are very easy to manipulate. When a woman cooks dinner for a man or cleans the house, men will understandably be unmoved by the action, because it is expected. But if you do the reveres, women will praise you. So if you want your wife, your fiance, your girlfriend, or even a random woman to sleep with you, doing chores and cooking for them will manipulate them into thinking you’re a good person who doesn’t have any expectations of them.

Be careful though, if you do this too often, you’ll find yourself in a situation where they expect this of you. Be sure to occasionally do a chore wrong so that when you do succeed, she’s still impressed by it.

#3 Listen To Her Opinions

Women fucking love this. No woman can resist the age-old trick of taking them seriously and valuing what they have to say. This can be hard, so my advice is to pretend you’re talking to a man. That way, you can really hear what they’re saying to you.

This simple trick will dupe women into thinking you value them as equals. It’s fool-proof, and it will guarantee you won’t be leaving the bar alone tonight.

#4 Respect Her

Treat her with the same respect you’d treat any woman in your life. Like your mom. Or that image of AOC tying up her hair. With respect, you will hack into a woman’s brain effortlessly and trick her into thinking that you’re “the one.”

Respect her boundaries, take her goals into account, and generally treat her as if her mere presence deserves the same respect that yours does.

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll guarantee that Mary, or Emily, or whoever you’re trying to sleep with will be down and ready.