Liberal Media Corrupting Youth by Teaching Them Love and Kindness

6/5/2021 by Brandon Puff

Parents, it’s time for you to wake up and look around. Your children are slowly being indoctrinated to believe that love and kindness are values they foster within themselves.

Disgusting. That’s what I think of all this and I’m tired of nobody speaking out against it. I’m sure you’ve seen your children watching their favorite shows, from time to time, but have you actually paid attention? These television shows are supposed to be teaching our kids the value of hard work and the American dollar, but instead, they’re doing the opposite.

Just last week I was flipping through channels after doing my morning workout of screaming in the shower. I was trying to find Fox Bussiness when I accidentally stumbled upon a children’s show called Wumbo’s Happy Land. Something about those bright colors and joyful sounds made my stomach churn immediately. I knew I couldn’t look away.

What followed was quite possibly the biggest display of left-wing propaganda I have ever witnessed. The episode focused on Wumbo being scared to go to the doctor. Back in my day, if someone I knew was a pussy, we would call them out on it and throw rocks at them until they toughened up. In the case of Wumbo however, his friends reassured him that the doctor wasn’t scary and that being afraid is normal.

Can you believe that? These liberals are out here injecting our children with this bullcrap about love and acceptance. They are deliberately training your children to let weakness grow in their souls. Do you think I would have become a writer if my father showed me love and compassion? Absolutely not. Thanks to his constant verbal abuse, I was able to rise above my peers while, at the same time, harboring deep unresolved family problems. This is what the kids are lacking nowadays, and I blame Wumbo and his cabal liberal executives.

Be careful parents. The next time you see your children watching Wumbo or some other liberal mouthpiece, you may want to consider turning off the TV and yelling at them instead.