Living Off The Grid: How To Survive With Just A House, An Internet Connection And Modern Utilities

3/16/2022 by Brandon Puff

In these modern times, it’s easy to forget our primal roots and the ancient connection we had to the natural world. Long before we clocked in for our monotonous office jobs and went home to our boring nuclear family, there was an era where we could roam free amongst the wilds and enjoy mother nature’s bounty. Thankfully we can still get back in touch with that, the outdoors awaits us and all we need to feel her warmth against our naked bodies is a house, internet and an array of modern utilities.

Living out in the wild is a harsh existence, one that our ancestors knew far too well. Even then, they prioritized having shelter above all things. In their time, the acceptable shelter was just good enough to keep you dry and stop tigers from eating your babies. Nowadays this kind of life saving shelter has been upgraded quite a bit to maximize comfort. Owning a home out in the wilds is one of the best ways to guarantee your survival on the frontier. Make sure your home has a central heating and cooling system, a fridge stocked up with snackies and with these two essentials you will be back in touch with nature before you can blink. 

Reading this right now? That’s with the power of the internet. If it weren’t for the internet none of us would be able to order bacon scented soap or ten gallon drums of fish oil. With the wonder of the internet, we are connected to information more than ever. If our ancestors wanted to know something, they had to test out a theory and most likely die from it. With the power of the internet, we can stand atop the mounds of those who died in pursuit of truth and understanding. If you’re out in the brush searching for delicious mushrooms to enjoy, you can use the internet to determine if it will make you defecate blood or not. If you see a carnivorous predator with sharp fangs and claws, you can call upon the internet once again to learn the best way to shoot it in the face. With the internet, the world is tamed and you can focus on enjoying all the splendor it offers.

Finally, the last thing you will need in your wild expedition to the edge of the Earth is a collection of all our modern utilities. Utilities are the lifeblood of our world, they are the poop pipes beneath our feet and zappy zappy wires inside our walls. Without them, mother nature would have long ago torn out our throat and ran us through her feminine digestive tract. If you wish to live out on the fields all by yourself then make sure you have running water, working electric and a gas line to keep yourself toasty and cook your food. With all of these luxuries gifted to you, nature will tremble at your presence and open her thorn covered heart to you. 

Well, that is the last drop of brain juice I can squeeze out of myself. But that should be enough for even a milk drinking baby to understand the fundamentals of survival. If you’ve been looking to get back in touch with nature you can start with these ingredients and soon you’ll be shaking with the raw spirit of the frontier inside you.