Man Stoked to Learn There Is an Entire Country Based on ‘The Sopranos’

12/1/2021 by Brandon Puff

Local New Jersey Resident Bob Griblo was excited to learn that his favorite television show, The Sopranos, had an entire country based on it.

Bob expressed his joy with the newfound information on his Youtube channel, SopranoSavant1993, via a video blog. 

“Hey there my gababoys and gabagirls, I’m coming to you today with some groundbreaking news, I just learned this today and it has made me so happy. Apparently, based on the research I’ve done, there is this country over in Europe called “Italy” and it’s this fully immersive space based on The Sopranos. You might remember Tony talking about a place called Italy in the show, but the fact that they went and actually made it into a country is just so awesome. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more talk about this online, considering you can book trips there and get the full experience.”

In a follow-up video blog, Bob continued to express his fascination with this newfound Sopranos-themed country.

“Listen, I’ve been looking more and more into this place, and they are really committed to capturing the feel of the show. Apparently, everyone there speaks Italian, which is completely wild to me. That’s like if some dudes made a country and decided they would all speak Klingon. They’ve also got spaghetti and meatballs that you can order all across the country. I have no idea what those would even taste like, I always assumed it was just rubber props in the show but I guess they found a way to make it into something edible. I was also watching some videos of people who have gone there and all the locals are nailing the Tony Soprano look. They all look like they’re actually Italian, I’m assuming they must be wearing prosthetics, like those guys that wear elf ears at renaissance fairs.”

In his most recent post on Twitter, Bob showed further enthusiasm with the discovery of an entire country based on the show, Narcos Mexico