Shrugging Mom

My Truth: I Vaccinated My Children And Three Months Later I Drowned Them

7/19/2022 by Brandon Puff

Being a parent is tough, especially if you're a mom who worries about her children. When the COVID-19 Vaccine started to get pushed onto everyone I felt sick in my liver, the most maternal of all organs. Sensing something wrong, I stopped my children from getting vaccinated.

 That was until President Biden kicked my front door down and threatened to murder me if I didn't comply. (Metaphorically speaking of course.)

So I gave in to pressure, I let my little Epstein appetizers get the shot and three short months later they died when I drowned them in the bathtub.

Now before you start calling me a terrible mother, ask yourself what you would have done in my shoes. Imagine it, you're a mother, your children have just taken a sip from the devil's juice box and now you can sense the evil inside of them. Was I supposed to let that evil grow up and live a life of happiness and fulfillment? Absolutely not, that's reserved for Jesus and Tiger Woods.

If you must make a judgment, do so against this Presidential administration, not against a mother trying her best.

Now my children rest in heaven, where nobody is vaccinated and I don't have to help them with their math homework. Do your research, study the facts and maybe you too can end up in a mental asylum.