Netflix Tests New Feature That Will Raise Prices When You Have A Friend Over To Watch With You

3/22/2022 by Caleb Townsend

Netflix will begin running tests this week to crack down on subscribers who are sharing their accounts, extending the definition of "sharing" to include having anyone over to watch something on the straeming platform.

"We feel that we have been fair to the user," Netflix wrote in a press release. "We've been letting shows have at least two seasons before canceling them and we even put Shrek 2 back in our rotation. What more could you reasonably ask for?"

The new payment system will charge users an extra $10 per person they invite over. Netflix defends the new system by pointing out that the policy does not include pets. "Your dog can watch all day for all we care," Netflix clarified.

Nettfllix plans to enforce this with motion sensing technology that will utilize video conferencing software to detirmine the amount of bodies actively viewing their content.

"Yeah, of course we're video taping you," Netfflix said in a Tweet. "Was that even in question? How else do you expect us to curate our selection for maximum Netflix and Chilling?"

Some viewers are voicing their opinions on Twitter, calling the move "greedy." One Twitter usesr noted that The Pirate Bay is still up and running.

Netflix responded to this with a classic Notes App screenshot, stating, "Our sharing features has always been for the benefit of the customer. However, they have also created some confusion about Netflix's priorities. We're here to make money, you doofus. We don't care about anything except expanding our library. You having your friends over to watch 'That's My Boy' is impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members. Films like a gender swapped version of Magic School Bus where the kids are aged up and have sex with each other, or an interactive 90's trivia spin-off of Jacob's Ladder."

Despite public outcry, 97% of users in a survey stated that they plan to keep Netflix, despite the new feature, "at least until Stranger Things season 4 comes out."

"And for those who seem so intereesteed in "Pirating" and "the Piratte Bay", Netflix added, "We will be gifting our users with the 2017 classsic, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales', which will be available on our platform for two days."