Potential Red Flag? This Woman Has No Interest in Dating Me

11/2/2021 by Brandon Puff

When you’re a bachelor on the prowl for some beautiful young women, you’re out there almost every single night playing the dating game. This is where you hone your skills of romance and learn to detect the subtle hints of attraction. You also learn how to navigate emotional minefields and spot red flags like God spots dalmatians. Yet despite all my experience in the field of detecting warning signs, I may have come across the first potential red flag that I am unsure of. 

A woman I approached had recently told me she had no interest in dating me as I was not her type in any way shape or form, is this a potential red flag?

It’s hard to say truly, my experience has done me no favors in picking up on the subtle warning signs that I can typically sniff out from a mile away. I’ve seen many red flags in my day. Typically, they manifest in the form of not finding all my jokes funny or not being willing to show a little cleavage to the waiter to get a discount on the bill. These are traits of women who are selfish and think little of how I might feel. They should be avoided at all costs.

But what does a woman who is not interested in me signify? Perhaps it indicates that she lacks empathy for lonely men in need of love? Or maybe it’s a warning sign for a rare genetic condition that causes her to avoid men who are peak specimens of physical form.

Despite my vast knowledge of red flags, I cannot tell what the true nature of this potential red flag might be. For now I shall proceed with caution and continue to ask this woman out on a date several times a week and see where things go from there.