Scarface Poster Watches Man Have Sex For The Second Time Ever

12/31/2021 by Erwin Feinberg

Scarface. It’s a classic movie, better than any other movie about the Latino experience no matter what Coco says!!! And I’m a white man who watches a lot of movies, so I think I’d know.

But anyway, the reason Scarface is actually relevant right now and I’m not just bringing it up to quote it for an hour, is because, as men, we all have a Scarface poster. When you have sex (you know, a thing we have definitely all had with a woman), it can feel like that poster is watching you from time to time during intercourse. Well that’s exactly what happened to me; I was doing sex to my woman all hot-like, really going hard you know, and I look up and see Tony Montana’s face looking at me with an absolute look of disgrace.

It’s like I just did all his cocaine before he got home or something. It was like he was telling me with his eyes; treat HER like I treated Michelle Pfieffer in the movie! I heard him loud and clear, so I yelled and my girl “you got a look in your eye like you haven’t been fucked in a year!”

Fantastic, classic line, right? Wrong! She immediately clapped back with “you fuck like someone who hasn’t fucked in their whole life.” Needless to say, the sex didn’t continue, but who needs a woman like that who can’t appreciate a good movie quote in the middle of sex!? Not this guy!!!