Tyler Durden, what a man! Hubba hubba.

Top 5 Movies Of All Time and Why All of Them Are Fight Club

7/6/2022 by Erwin Feinberg

It’s summertime dudes, and you know what that means! You are going to the movies to catch some of this year’s best blockbusters. Whether you’re going to see Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, or Thor: Love and Thunder, you are guaranteed a quality movie experience that is sure to rock your world, and hopefully the girl you bring along will be entertained as well. Movies are one of the best ways to hook up with a woman for several reasons; they’re long, they’re usually boring, and people usually want to turn them off and do something else - and that’s when you make your move and ask her to give you a blumpkin! But I’m here to tell you that movies don’t have to just be Marvel or be boring. Sometimes, movies can be really interesting and can make you think. So, with that in mind, here are my top 5 movies of all time.

5. Fight Club

This movie is fucking awesome. It starts and ends with huge amounts of violence, it’s got sex scenes, it looks all moody, and when you see Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler Durden, you’re gonna think “that’s MY spirit animal!” (but not like how women use that term, like in a cool way). When you watch this movie, be prepared to have your fucking mind BLOWN! It takes a twist that you’ll never see coming. Swear to God, me and the boys watched it for the first time 2 weeks ago because our one arty friend was over and he recommended the movie, and then when it got to the twist we all were like “oooohhh shiiiiit!” It was like when the Avengers came out of the portals at the end of Endgame, THAT’S how crazy the twist was. Anyways, Fight Club is one of the best movies ever made. No, scratch that, Fight Club is THE best movie ever made.

4. Fight Club

I wasn’t joking, it’s the best movie ever made, show me a better movie that isn’t long, black and white, or requires me to read subtitles. What the fuck is “Amelie?” That sounds fucking gay, I’m not watching a movie that sounds gay. What about “Face/Off,” I’ve heard that movie is fucking insanely good. Not as good as Fight Club though I bet. Nope, I stand by my opinion, it’s the best movie ever and nothing will change that. I don’t even wanna see Face/Off now.

3. Fight Club

I am not backing down from this position. Until you can prove that there IS a better movie, Fight Club will remain the best movie ever made. Yeah, I’ve seen The Sixth Sense, and no disrespect to my main man Bruce Willis, but any movie that stars a kid who looks like he “fingerpaints his dreams” is not a good movie in my opinion, just facts. I swear dude, the only part of that movie I really identified with was when the bullies trapped that pale skinny kid in that closet, I was literally like “good! That freak was weirding me out!” Sorry bro, Fight Club still trumps that movie!

2. Fight Club

Before you try to convince me again, let me remind you that in Fight Club, the main dude gets to fuck a goth chick with no strings attached. Find me a cooler plot point than that. You can’t! And then he commits terrorism and gets away with it. Baller.

1. Fight Club

Last point to justify my choice: this movie has one of the best Jared Leto performances you’ll ever see, better than Joker and Morbius! I rest my case!