If Bigfoot Isn’t Real Then Why Did We Write So Many Articles About Him Last Week?

10/10/2022 by Caleb Townsend

So, you think Bigfoot is fake, huh? Wanna bet? Because I have it on good authority that it's real.

For example, if Bigfoot is fake, then explain this hyperlinked article to another article we wrote this week proclaiming that bigfoot is real. Now if Bigfoot is "fake", then how were we able to find a source immediately disproving you?

Still not convinced? Check this article. Seems like it's 2-0 on the article train.

Bigfoot is clearly real guys, and if you disagree, then I implore you to comment on this article, share it, and add your own caption calling us idiots. That will really own us in the marketplace of ideas.